Prerecorded Video Interview

In 2020 when in-person job interviews start being impossible due to the social distancing and the restrictions on travel and it is associated costs. Virtual interviewing became essential for most companies Prerecorded video job interviews benefit both hiring teams and candidates. They are usually part of the initial stages of candidate screening and help to quickly and easily identify the best talent so you can spend more time with your top candidates.

Benefits of prerecorded Video Interviews

The scheduling flexibility and availability of interview participants to log into their computer for an interview versus taking the time—and time off for employed candidates—to meet in person is one of the top benefits of virtual interviews

Speed up Your Recruitment Process

Improve Quality of Hire

Reduce Bias and Improve Diversity

Enhance Candidate Experience

Pivot to a Remote Hiring Process

How it works
simple process and friendly user experience

Customize the interview questions

Identify your users then send the interview request

The system will send the request to the users

Receive and download the prerecorded interview on your email

Enjoy the selection process